A Free Judo Scoreboard that runs on anything equipped with a browser - plus other freebies
Score-Judo was developed in Australia as an application for use by all bona fide Judo clubs anywhere in the world free of charge.

Development of Score-judo will be ongoing, subject to reasonable acceptance by clubs and plentiful feedback to the author on desired improvements and bug reports, which to date have been plentiful and extremely helpful (thank you all).

The attached licence allows any club, or any member or player, official, coach or referee of a club or parent body to download and use the software free of charge (but not resell for profit) for its intended purpose.

When encouraging others to use the software, we ask that you point them to this website to download the latest copy rather than give them a copy of your software, unless you are certain you have the very latest edition.

Since ScoreJudo there has been a number of other utilities developed to help judo clubs and parent organisations, including a randori timer and printable scoresheets - see the FREEBIES page for more.

As a matter of design policy, all of the programs are runable as webpages from this site but all are also able to be downloaded (Saved AS...) and run off your local PC or tablet so that you can use them in locations with no internet access.

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2 years ago
New IJF 2017 Rules version released.
New IJF 2017 Rules version released. This is an almost entirely new version of ScoreJudo in a webpage incorporating the new IJF 2017 ruleset and many new features. Unlike previous versions this....
4 years ago
Version 3 Launched!
Version 3 Launched! Much improved, with Osaekomi clocks for each player removed and replaced with single global clock. Much simpler to operate and a cleaner....
5 years ago
New Website Launched
Nothing lasts forever, including websites, and so the scorejudo website has been traded in on a new one in line with....
5 years ago
Sound enabled ScoreJudo HTML Ver 2.1
Sound enabled ScoreJudo HTML Ver 2.1 Version 2.1 of ScoreJudo is an update of version 2 and includes Match end and Osaekomi....
5 years ago
Version 2.0 database version of HTML ScoreJudo released
This version sports a player database that works in most browsers. Additionally the clickable triggers are a little bigger and easier to see on....
6 years ago
Executable version discontinued.
Executable version discontinued. Sadly for some we have decided to discontinue development of the Windows executable version of scorejudo.....
8 years ago
A solution for MAC and Linux users at last.
A solution for MAC and Linux users at last. With the rapidly increasing popularity of Linux netbooks, Macintosh laptops and now, new generation smartphones that talk to large TV....
11 years ago
Judo Tournament Roll Call Sheet Available
Use this handy printout sheet to record players as they come in the door, get weighed, pay up and show their I.D.....
11 years ago
Judo Scoresheet Available
Judo Scoresheet Available For those who have run out of blank judo score sheets at a tournament and no photocopier within 100 miles - go....
12 years ago
Lismore PCYC trials version 1
Lismore PCYC trials version 1 Our thanks go to Alan Foley and the Lismore PCYC judo club for taking the brave step of trialing score-judo....