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Happy 2014 from ScoreJudo  -  January

New Website Launched

5 Jan 2014

Nothing lasts forever, including websites, and so the scorejudo website has been traded in on a new one in line with the retirement of the old executable version of scorejudo.

The new site distributes only the HTML versions of the various apps coming from ScoreJudo, although the last version of the executable will remain for a while yet just for old times sake. The new site also makes sending newsletters much easier and so I have made a new years resolution to start doing this regularly, though not so regularly that it drives everyone nuts. The last thing the world needs is more stuff in the Inbox.

Note also that you can get a link to your club website if you want - just ask - fill in the form on the links page and if it is a reasonable fit with the judo community we shall post it up. The links page shall not be open to miscellaneous untried and unproven martial arts suppliers however there are some small numbers of excellent suppliers already known to many of you and their sites might find their way onto the links page.


Sound enabled ScoreJudo HTML Ver 2.1

Sound enabled ScoreJudo HTML Ver 2.1

22 Dec 2013

Version 2.1 of ScoreJudo is an update of version 2 and includes

  • Match end and Osaekomi end (20 seconds) now has a bell or a choice of up to four different sounds (a different sound for each mat in a multi mat setup)

  • Improvements to the RESET function - changing default match time now autumatically RESETS scoreboard.

  • Clearer Plus and Minus signs to add or subtract from score numerals - these replace the old obscure arrows.

  • Choice of Red background instead of Blue for those who like to run things the traditional way and maintain a look akin to the old red and white flip-card style scoreboards.


Version 2.0 database version of HTML ScoreJudo released

4 Dec 2013

This version sports a player database that works in most browsers. Additionally the clickable triggers are a little bigger and easier to see on small or dark screen. Naturally the board complies with 2013 IJF rules (unlimited time for golden score etc).


Executable version discontinued.

Executable version discontinued.

5 Aug 2013

Sadly for some we have decided to discontinue development of the Windows executable version of scorejudo. We did not take this decision lightly, but to be practical, all efforts are now directed towards the HTML version. There are still a lot of older windows 98 laptops out there, but not for too much longer I suspect. Most people running ScoreJudo these days are running the HTML version on a wide variety of devices including android tablets, iPads, Win8 laptops and such like. Doing so eliminates a lot of issues since the only requirement is that your browser be reasonably up to date and HTML5-CSS3 compliant.

In short we took the decision because of the decline of the Windows PC dominance in favour of HTML5 "apps" that have no installation issues, are very portable and present a very familiar user interface being nothing more than a webpage.

Thank you all for your past feedback which helped make ScoreJudo the most used scoring software in the world. ScoreJudo HTML looks to be taking over that role at a fairly cracking pace.



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