A Free Judo Scoreboard that runs on anything equipped with a browser - plus other freebies


In most cases the software below is in the form of webpages that run in an ordinary browser and can be downloaded and run locally on your computer as ordinary HTML files. 
To download either the scoreboard or the randori timer as a webpage to your PC or tablet, make sure that the page is in its default or absolutely fresh starting state in your browser after clicking the relevant link below -   Then select SAVE AS from the FILE menu of your browser (or right click - SAVE AS in some cases such as Chrome).
NEW ScoreJudo in a single webpage - 2018-19 IJF rules ver 5.32   Filesize: 198 Kilobytes
No unzipping required - this new version is a single HTML file. Download or SAVE AS this HTML file to a memory stick or laptop - after which you can run it from there without internet access.

MOST IMPORTANT - when saving, especially in EXPLORER, save as type "webpage only" and nominate scorejudo.html as the file name. Do not accept the suggested file name with an htm extension - it MUST be saved as scorejudo.html

Explorer will treat a file with an htm extension differently to a file with an html extension.
Randori Timer   Filesize: 21 Kilobytes
Tournament Weigh-in Sheet   Filesize: 4 Kilobytes
Printer Friendly Bout Sheet   Filesize: 11 Kilobytes
Photo of Jigoro Kano   Filesize: 257 Kilobytes