A Free Judo Scoreboard that runs on anything equipped with a browser - plus other freebies

A Word from the Author

Very early edition of ScoreJudo, back when Koka was a useful score and Windows XP was all the rage.
Score-Judo was developed in Australia as an application for use by all bona fide judo clubs anywhere in the world free of charge.

The original package was a Windows specific executable developed in C++ but has since been discontinued in favour of the much simpler and more platform agnostic HTML version written entirely in HTML and Javascript. Since Windows does not dominate as it did when ScoreJudo was first conceived and more than 50 percent of computers in common use and being used at tournaments are non-windows machines such as MacBooks, Android Tablets or Linux Notes it became necessary to distribute ScoreJudo as a browser based HTML webpage that would run on anything as a universally familiar interactive webpage.

With the arrival of HTML5 and more compliant browsers this version of ScoreJudo has evolved to include a players database, the 2013 IJF rule changes and a choice of Sounds (bout bells and buzzers).

ScoreJudo has been downloaded some 68,000 times and is in wide use throughout more than 20 countries and is believed to be the most widely adopted judo scoring software in use anywhere. It is seen in tournaments from local club to State Championships to International events such as the Pan Pacific Masters.

Special captioned editions have been published on request for particular events and parent organisations such as the 2011 New York Police and Fire Games and we shall always endeavour to satisfy any requests from State or National Bodies for custom editions of ScoreJudo or any of the associated apps available from this site.

It is our intention to keep ScoreJudo abreast of the fairly regular rule changes and make it available entirely free of charge to judo clubs and organisations around the world for the foreseeable future as a service to the sport of Judo. My sincere thanks to all those users who have helped keep it current with constructive criticisms and feedback, requests for features and useful suggestions.

Campbell Dunstan, Australia